Live Action Film

While animation and design are my primary pursuits, I have also dabbled in live action filmmaking. I attended the American Film Institute in their directing dicispline and further developed my visual storytelling skills. Movies have always been a passion of mine and I find I am often using the skills I have developed in film directing in my other work as well.

Santhya Music Video

Santhya "True Me" - Music Video

This was my first full, live action music video that I directed. It was a lot of fun to work with my friend Drew Gilbert who shot it on a Panasonic GH2 with an Olympus 11-22mm lens using mostly practical lights. The house we shot it in was amazing — it was this really old brownstone in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that was full of bizarre art and books in every corner. It was a great location for the theme we came up with for the video.


Spectre - Short Film

Spectre was a passion project for me when I made it. I wanted to sharpen my live action chops and composite special FX with HD footage. A bizarre dream I had full of strange creatures was the inspiration for this one. I tried to be faithful to that inspiration and make the whole thing feel like a trip into the subconscious.

Getting the locations for this film was quite an effort! I had all but given up on finding the main location for this spooky, dark setting when I was walking down the street in Bushwick, Brooklyn and I noticed a furniture shop selling some used pieces. At the time I was also looking for props and in addition to a spooky interior I also needed an old, creepy chair. I walked in and was greeted by Examil, the owner and lead salesman of the shop. He showed me to his upstairs storage space. Walking up the creaky stairs, 5 floors of dilapidation, holes in walls, floorboards missing -- it was perfect! What a great place and a great guy (spoiler: he makes a cameo); he let us shoot there no problem. If you ever see the furniture store on the corner of Graham and Boerum, stop in and say hi for me. Also check out their furniture, I hear they've renovated since then.

Street Character

Street Character - Short Film

Moving out to L.A. was a bit of an adjustment from NYC. When I first moved out here I was living in Hollywood right off the main stretch of the Boulevard with the walk of fame, the Grauman's Chinese Theater and the endless flocks of tourists (great place to live, I know). One thing that really intrigued me were these costumed street performers that would dress like various celebrities and movie characters. I used that as a jumping off point for a little story set in that world. This is a student film I directed while attending the American Film Institute.

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